Friday, November 21, 2014

VTech InnoTab Max - Built to Grow With Your Child {Giveaway}

Today it's all about my big brother Mikael. If you're a regular reader you know that Mikael is autistic. He actually just turned 10, yes he had a birthday a week ago but he has the mental capacity of a 6 year old. So when VTech asked me to do a review of their InnoTab Max, I thought that this would be perfect for my big brother Mikael. After all it also makes a great birthday gift too. The VTech InnoTab Max is designed for children ages 3-9 and is their newest tablet with an Android operating system. It is also one of the fastest tablets that VTech has currently for kids and retails at $109.99.

Fab Kids is Fabulous for the Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching and that means that you're going to want those holiday photos. Right? Am I right or what? I know that mommy is already thinking of holiday pictures of the family. While I won't be here in the US for Christmas, that doesn't mean that I don't want to look good wherever I am. Yes it's going to be my second Christmas outside of the United States. You heard it from me today. Don't worry I'll try and update you from the beautiful Caribbean where I'm going. Well back to what I was talking about. I'm sure you've read quite a lot of my Fab Kids posts and you're probably saying, "well so far all I've seen were play clothes". Guess what? Fab Kids has upped the ante for the holidays with beautiful dresses for the girls and the cutest dress shirts and pants for the boys. If this is the first time hearing of Fab Kids let me tell you a bit about them. Fab Kids is a monthly clothing subscription service for kids ages 2 - 12 that was started by the fabulous Christina Applegate. It is based on your style and every month you receive a 2 piece outfit for the low low price of $29.95.

Welcome to Tooby Doo New York

Welcome to another Fashion Friday! We had to take a break because of the snow we've been having in our lovely state of Colorado.  I actually said that in my most sarcastic voice. Mommy and I love taking our fashion pics outdoors so having snow was really a bummer for us. While it's fun doing product reviews for toys indoors, fashion should be shared with the world, and outdoors always look so much better. At least I think so. Today I want to bring to you a new company that mommy and I found just recently. I bring to you, Tooby Doo New York! It can be difficult at times finding fashion that speaks to you. When you're a child that difficulty becomes even more so. While mommy and I certainly believe in dressing a toddler or even an older child in age appropriate clothes, sometimes we also want to keep it simple. Sure I love the designs and the fruits and flowers and even animals on my clothing, but sometimes I just want to stand out. That's where Tooby Doo New York comes in.

Thanksgiving Pretzel Turkeys

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is almost here. It's a day we get to spend with family and/or friends and show how thankful we are. Very often at every dinner there are kids that celebrate with family. What better way to get them involved in the big day than with a quick and easy snack, that is not only easy to make but also delicious to eat too. Your kids would really enjoy making our Thanksgiving Pretzel Turkey treats, and you'll create a memory that you both will remember for a very long time. You can even start a Thanksgiving tradition. After all nothing says Thanksgiving better than a Turkey.

Here is what you'll need:

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tips for Cooking Thanksgiving Meal with your Kids

Can you believe we're only a week away from Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is a big deal in our household and I try and include the kids in whatever activities that we have planned for that day. Whether your kids are barely toddling around or are old enough to do some of the actual cooking, they can be involved in the Thanksgiving meal preparations. It may take a little longer to cook the meal if you enlist the help of the young kids, but the rewards far outweigh the inconvenience of having the kids in the kitchen with you. Here are 3 tips for Tips for Cooking Thanksgiving Meal with your Kids.

Have a Ho-Ho-Ho Happy Holiday at Gymboree

I'm not going to say it again because you already know that I just truly love Gymboree. OK I just had to say it again. Can you really blame me? When Gymboree introduced their new theme "The Best Time to be a Kid", I just know that they were talking about me. There is no greater time than now to be a kid. We have so much going for us and one of those things is shopping at Gymboree. With the Holidays coming up there are lots to be done. Dinners to be taken care of, holiday photos to be taken. Speaking of holiday photos there is no place better to shop for those outfits than at Gymboree. Mommy and I decided to take a trip to find the perfect holiday dress and once again we weren't disappointed.

Citrus Lane - 34 Month Old Box - November 2014

It's Citrus Lane time again and today I get to share with you my Citrus Lane 34 month old box for November 2014. This time I decided to stop my procrastination, although I'm still late, but not as late as I have been in the past. I think I'm getting better but really it's all up to my writer who has the most craziest of schedules. If you are new to my blog and have no idea what Citrus Lane is, it's a monthly subscription box for newborns to age 5. Every month a specially curated box is sent to you catered to your little one's age, and it's all a surprise what you'll receive. There are currently 3 subscription levels and subscriptions are cheaper the longer you subscribe. Subscriptions starts at $29/month. I have been receiving this box for over a year now and every month is such a surprise. If you are interested in seeing what I got in last month's box, you can take a look at my 33 Month Old Box or you can take a look at all my other Citrus Lane Reviews. Our December box may not happen until January so just giving you a heads up.