27 July 2016

Top Mistakes Every Blogger Makes

Every blogger works hard daily to have their traffic soar, their blog theme better and their readers engaged. It’s part of a blogger’s life, they just want to excel and get so focused on the numbers that they lose sight of the bigger picture. There are many things a blogger should be doing, but today we will focus on the top mistakes every blogger makes as a means to help guide you away from those mistakes and work towards being a better blogger. Don't get me wrong, I was also one of those bloggers, so I'm writing based on my experience. I did most of these things and sometimes occasionally I might still make a mistake or two, but my goal today is to encourage you not to make the same mistakes as a blogger.

26 July 2016

The Benefits of Detaching From Technology

With today’s world running highly off many forms of technology, it may seem utterly impossible to fully detach from technology. While technology may play an integral part of your day to day life and working ways, it doesn’t have to be a part of your weekend downtime. You can detach from technology for a weekend or a week and feel rejuvenated rather than stressed out. Here are some of the benefits of detaching from technology:

How to Travel on a Budget

Many people consider traveling as a luxury, but it doesn’t have to be. With all of the travel apps, online discounts and other services at your fingertips, traveling on a budget has never been easier. It’s Summer time; why not make some plans to travel on a budget so you can make lifelong memories with your friends and family.

25 July 2016

Say HELLO to hello - #ChooseFriendly

I believe in maintaining proper oral hygiene care for not only myself, but also for my children. When it comes to the products we use however, I prefer to use more environmentally friendly products. That is why it is with great pleasure that we announce our ambassadorship with hello products. If you have not tried hello before, then I have to ask, what are you waiting for? I was first introduced to hello products about 2 years ago when my daughter Krxssy featured their breath sprays and mouthwash. I was intrigued by their message and also their packaging and since then we've been a fan, because not only are they naturally friendly, they're delicious as well!

24 July 2016

Watermelon Lemonade Slushy

Can you believe how quickly the summer seems to be going by? In just three weeks the kids will be back in school here in Colorado. While most love summer and the sunshine, I'm not totally a big fan. I do, however prefer summer over winter, but just not the scorching weather that we have been having lately. Temperatures have been soaring into the 90's and while we haven't reached 100 degrees quite as yet, we might as well be. The weather has kept me indoors and my water delivery has even been increased because we've been drinking a lot more water to stay hydrated. You don't want to be found dehydrated in weather such as this. I'm a big fan of slushy's, and you would find me at my local 711 or even at my Post Exchange gas station, because there is always a deal on slushy's during the summer months. I've however found a great way to make my own and today I'll be sharing with you my Watermelon Lemonade Slushy. If you love watermelons and if you love slushy's then you will be sure to love this. It's a hit with the kids and adults alike. Who doesn't love slushy's?