Friday, June 26, 2015

Leg&Go - Everything A First Bike Should Be

There's nothing worse than having to shop for a different bike at each stage of your child's life. First they start off with a tricycle, then comes the training wheels, followed by the big kids bike as we like to call them. Over the years I've spend hundreds of dollars on bikes for all my kids. Lately the balance bike trend has evolved and luckily my pre-schooler was able to learn to ride and by pass the tricycle and balance wheel stage. What if I told you that you can bypass them all together with the new Leg&Go bike. The Leg&Go bike is geared for toddlers age 8 months to kids 6 years of age and can be modified in 8 different ways. Yes you read that right! 8 different ways!

Avocado Chicken & Rice

It seems like all I do these days since I've retired is cook and eat, eat and cook. You know the game, rinse and repeat. I complain that I've gained about 20lbs since I retired in March but yet I've done nothing about it. I have a free gym membership and although the gym is less than 10 minutes away I can never seem to get my lazy behind in the car to go to the gym to workout. I do however find myself getting in my car to go to the nearest Sonic for late night shakes. While I don't have any "junk" food in my house, we don't do sodas, chips and cookies, and I still miss breakfast on most days, I do however make up for it around lunch and dinner times. I eat more than my fair share and it is surely catching up with me. One of my favorite meal that I just love making is Avocado Chicken and Rice. I grew up in the Caribbean where avocados were in abundance and we ate it with almost everything. We had an avocado tree in the backyard and I couldn't wait for them to ripen so I could have fresh avocado. I remember my mom would bake bread every Friday, and there was nothing better than a nice warm slice of bread with avocado smeared on. It was amazingly delicious! If you love avocados as much as I do, I think you're going to love my Avocado Chicken and Rice recipe. You may also check out my Tuna Avocado Salad or Avocado Egg Salad recipes which are also amazing.

Here is what you'll need:

It's Swimwear Season - Get Yours at UjENA

When I said that things were going to change on Growing Up Madison, I truly meant it. While we've cut back considerably on our sponsored posts and have given a lot more content in terms of parenting tips and recipes, I've even incorporated a few mommy reviews as I like to call them. After all while this is still primarily Madison's blog and all about Madison and the things she likes, mommy likes to have a bit of fun too. With summer being here it means that its time for the bigger bulkier clothing to disappear. I grew up originally in the Caribbean where I was on the beach every weekend. I could actually see the water from my porch. Back then it was all about the two pieces because I have to admit I had the body in my youth. Now after 4 children my body isn't the same. I'm sure a lot of moms can relate. After having our kids our body while still our own sometimes feels as though it isn't. I have rolls in places I didn't even know that rolls can exist and while I've been saying that I need to get back into shape and head to the gym, it still has yet to happen. With a vacation that is in less than a week, in a state that is known for it's beaches, I needed a swimsuit that would not only look good on me but would hide a few, I mean a LOT of my flaws. Lucky for me UjENA Swimswear came to my rescue.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Inspire Play and Creativity with Crayola

It's summer! The kids are out of school or will be out of school soon and you're at your wits end of what you're going to do. Sure they can play outdoors but what happens when the weather is 100 degrees out or it's pouring outside. You want to stay cool and you certainly don't want to get wet, although to be honest with you, playing in the rain can be lots of fun. While I love the great outdoors, there are days when however I would much prefer to be indoors. When those days come around there's nothing better I love doing that drawing my Picasso work of arts. If you have little ones at home, here are a five ways you can inspire play and creativity.

Lets Create Miracles with Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals

The Walmart gift cards and information have been provided by P&G

Like all moms I never like to see my children sick. Just recently my little one was hospitalized and it was the worst couple of days of my life. For those parents who have kids who suffer from common childhood afflictions like asthma and broken bones, or fight bigger challenges like birth defects or cancer, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals provide comfort, treatment and hope to millions of sick kids. To show support for the organization and the one in 10 kids in North America who are treated by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals each year, Walmart and Pampers have teamed up to donate $200,000 in the month of June. Additionally, by purchasing products like Pampers Swaddlers at your local Walmart, portions of the proceeds will go to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mix Up Magic In the Kitchen With the Step2 Mixin' Up Magic Kitchen

There is nothing I love doing better than being in the kitchen when my mommy or big sister is in the kitchen cooking. You can even find me with my apron on helping out. When I'm not helping I am patiently waiting for the food or mostly cookies to be done. My big sister is great at making cookies by the way. While I can't always help out because as mommy sometimes say, the kitchen isn't the best place for little girls or boys, there are other alternatives. I can either go outside and play or I can pretend to be the top chef with my very own Step2 Mixin Up Magic Kitchen. Thank you Step2 for sending it to me because now I couldn't be happier. No more "Madison you're in the way" or "Madison you need to move".  It's so much nicer than mommy's kitchen and guess what, my stove even works.