28 August 2016

A Day in the Life of Madison Featuring Nature Made® KIDS FIRST® Gummies - #NatureMadeAtTarget

This post was sponsored by Nature Made® as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.

Hi, this is Madison and I have to admit that it's been ages since I've actually done any work at all here on Growing Up Madison. When the new year started, mommy decided that she was going to make some major changes, and one of those changes was that I was going to take a break. She would do most of the work here on the blog and I would do what I did best. I would model and be the kid that I was meant to be. This year has been amazing and so far I've been able to visit a few countries, including the UK and France and I've also been to two different Disney parks in two countries. Yay me! However, I bet you've been wondering what I've been up to. Well, I'm here to share a few things and give you a glimpse into my life on a daily basis. However in order for me to keep up with all that I do, mommy makes sure that I take my Nature Made® KIDS FIRST® Gummies, which she picks up at Target.

Sleep Comfortable on a Nolah Mattress {Giveaway}

Today you get a sneak peek into my room, it's definitely not an interior decorator's dream but it's all mine. My post today is coming to you courtesy of Nolah Mattress and their amazing mattress. Before I go into detail about their mattress, I first need to tell you my story. I suffer from back pain and I've posted about it quite a few times. I was a medic in the US Army and you would think that my work was easy, but it wasn't. We're talking about carrying around a 60lb medic supply bag, and don't forget your firearm while being fully protected in your body gear. We would go on 10k marches dressed like that when not in combat and when you are, be prepared to have on your body armor 24/7. Now after years of doing this, my back hurt and it hurt really bad. I've seen countless chiropractors, done physical therapy and I'm currently doing yoga. However, at night, you also want to have a comfortable sleep and preferably without the aches and pains. I had to have a good mattress that doesn't hurt or aggravate my back pain. Before I got the Nolah Mattress, I had a very expensive mattress which consisted of springs, but I've had it for quite a few years and I noticed that it was starting to feel uncomfortable so I was excited to give the Nolah Air Foam Mattress a try.

26 August 2016

Why Making Time for your Spouse Matters

Many people get confused as to why making time for their spouse matters, it’s this thought embedded within us that our children must forever be first priority. The truth is that your spouse needs to come first, yes even before your children. This doesn’t mean you love your spouse more than your children or love your children any less. The simple matter of fact reason why making your spouse a priority matter is because this is the person who will still be by your side once those children are grown.

Reducing my Water Footprint with Mansfield Plumbing

I'm a homeowner and being a homeowner can be extremely expensive. I always joke around that I spent way less money when I was renting in NYC, even with the rent being exorbitantly high. Being a homeowner, is no ride in the park. We're talking about mortgages, home owners insurances, home owners warranties (I definitely recommend if you're a homeowner) and the usual utility bills, plus any home repairs that may appear. While I would have been able to call my home management team if something comes up while renting, now there's no one to call and I have to dig into my funds when something breaks. I've noticed that since we upgraded our home to a much bigger home, with awesome landscaping, my water bill has been sky high. I was looking at over $400 every month and that's from landscaping (watering my lawn), toilet flushing, doing dishes, taking baths, showers etc., and don't talk about the summer! Now, while I can cut down on my lawn watering, that would mean that my grass would turn brown and die and I don't think my Home Owners Association would like that, I still have to do the dishes and all of the above, however there are ways to cut down on water consumption and I decided to take the plunge and do so. We still had the old fashioned toilets that took a LOT of water with each flush and I wanted those high pressure toilets that only used about a gallon of water per flush. I scoured the internet and did my research and during my search, I was approached by Mansfield Plumbing. Seems like the toilet gods were talking to me because they just happened to email me while I was searching for the very same thing.